04 June 2019 /

Douglas Baker

I recently rented a van for a couple of weeks. The owners couldn’t have been more charming. After an initial technical problem which was resolved I was off to explore. The gift of “Freedom Camping” and the app “Camper Mate” made my journey relatively simple and easy. One thing you may want to be aware of it the type of pavement used on many roads is super loud under passing car tires at night. Camp away from the main streets if you like quiet. Also, if coming from the states it would be helpful to have any phone under contract “unlocked” soma local SIM card can be used for a cheaper data plan. If you have a AAA membership, they have a reciprocal benefit which I could have used when I got a flat tire. You need to go into AAA and ask how that works. They suggested the courtesy when I call AA the NZ roadside service helpline. It was nice to have the luxury of ergonomic pillows and a down comforter with duvet cover…Bring your own towel!