04 June 2019 /

Alessandro Lacchini

It was an amazing experience driving the UGO Van! The Van is self contained and the tend on top is awesome. UGO Van is dynamic when it comes to set up the camping, storage and cook the food with the kitchen at the back of the vehicle. Sleeping on top was comfortable and it has plenty space to share in there. We went from coast to coast, sunny and rainy days and it was still comfortable, secure and it didn’t get wet at all. The van is a really good car, easy to park and it doesn’t has the height and weight that traditional vans has so we didn’t have the fear to drive a large van. Johnny is a great person and will help you to make the most of your trip with UGO Van. I strongly recommend hiring UGO Van! My wife and I can’t wait for the next trip with UGO Rentals!!!!