Tips for picking your Campervan Rental in Auckland, New Zealand

There are plenty of campervan rental companies to choose from in Auckland but choosing one can
be difficult! If you don’t do your research and pick wisely, it could ruin your holiday or at least cost
you more money then you thought.

Things you should do before you pick your rental vehicle in Auckland
– Check the company’s Google reviews
Read reviews as they are the best guide to the actual quality of service you will receive. Some
companies might have mixed reviews, so it is best to stick with the majority rating. The best service
seems to come from small independent companies, since you are usually dealing directly with the

– Check the company’s pictures to see what you are getting
A lot of companies only show 2D layouts of the vehicles; so you can’t see what you may be getting
and this can be deceiving which could result in you getting some cheap and nasty campervan. Find
pictures of the interior, even if you have to Google them to make sure you hire the right one!

– Read their terms and conditions
Have a good read of the terms and conditions to see what is included and not included with the hire;
what you are liable and not liable for, as there may be something you are not comfortable with or
want to clear up before you make the booking.

– Cheapest is not cheap in the long run!
Picking the cheapest campervan may end up costing you more in the end. If the rental breaks down
due to the age of the vehicle or lack of maintenance, it could have a serious impact on your holiday
plans in New Zealand, especially if you are on a tight schedule.

So, with that being said, this should hopefully help you pick your perfect campervan or car rental and
increase your chances of having more of an amazing time in New Zealand.