Campervan Rental Auckland Airport
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Campervan Rentals in Auckland, NZ

UGO Rentals was established by Johnny in 2018, after a lot of love, care and thought went into the process of creating the best looking, affordable , self-contained campervan on the road. The idea was to create a stylish campervan, that would be easy for anyone to drive; that would still have all the bells and whistles that the bigger campervans and cheap to run!

The perks of dealing with a small campervan rental company is that you get to deal with the owner one-on-one, can have all your questions answered without any hassle and receive 24/7 support for the duration of your rental.

Having done our fair share of traveling around New Zealand; we have a decent amount of knowledge so we can offer our advice for the best apps to use, top destinations to visit and helpful tips for traveling in these types of vehicles.

We know that flight times and arrivals can be at all hours of the day; which is why we offer pickup and drop offs at Auckland Airport to suit your travel times, on request. We are adding to our fleet as we speak and hope to have plenty more cheap campervans available for hire in the near future.

Our team has also grown from one to three, including Taila and our latest member; Indie (born April 2019).

Campervan and Car Rental Auckland Airport

Hiring a campervan or car from Auckland Airport can be stressful; it’s a busy place, you have just gotten off a long flight to then go straight onto a shuttlebus, to then pick up your rental car.

Tips on starting your trip in New Zealand:
– Arriving at the Airport in Auckland

Take your time when you arrive; you have just come off of a long flight and have crossed multiple time zones, which can have serious effects on your mental alertness. Get a coffee as a “pick me up” and food.

– Setting yourself up for your trip

Find a cellular provider that has the best plan for you. It might pay to research the provider in New Zealand to see what each has to offer. Make sure you get a plan that offer plenty of data. For example: Google Maps, as it costs a lot more to top up your data later then on your plan.

– Getting from the airport to the car rental company

You don’t have to find a rental company at the airport – a lot of companies offer pickup services if they aren’t located at/near the airport. There is the Skybus service that runs directly from the airport to the CBD or North Shore, or airport shuttles offer a cheap alternative service if you don’t want to
catch the bus.

– Check out Auckland before you leave

A lot of people jump straight into a car from the plan and leave. Auckland has a lot to see and do and allowing yourself a bit of time before you start driving will make sure you’re more alert; most accidents happen within the first 24 hours of arriving. Sometimes this isn’t achievable, but you can reduce the risk by taking your time and checking out Auckland.

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